Friday, 20 May 2016

I am Number Four // Snippet Review

     SNIPPET REVIEWS: Brief, rambling, concise, or incomprehiensive,                           fangirling or bashing.

I am Number Four

So, I when I went to watch the movie, I hadn't read the book and I didn't really know much about the plot or anything. Despite the fact that I felt it was potentially just another one of those new movies, they all bring something different, and this had been recommended by several friends, so I went into with pretty good expectations.

If I were to give my opinion in conversation in one sentence, it would be: Yeah, that's a good movie, I liked it. But since this is a post, I'll be a little more specific.

Number Four
I liked the character of Number Four, or John Smith. He was a pretty believable sort of hero, typical teenage sort of character. (Seemed a little old for a highschool student, but that's typical movie style.)

Sarah and John

Then of course there's The Girl. 

Sarah was okay. She was sweet, and their relationship was cute, I just felt like she was a little shallow as a character. She seemed to just smile and blink a lot. I do like the fact that he ended up with a normal girl, and not Number Six, the other alien.

I liked Henri. As a guardian, he sometimes seemed the over-protective father, but for good reason. He was kind, and a great character.

Number Six
Six was pretty cool, she had a lot of action and not so much deep character develop in her short amount of screen time, but she got the job done. It was also neat to see an Australian actor (I'm a Kiwi but it's still cool).

Ugh, the Mogodorians. They were a little gross, but just picture 10 ft human-like aliens with bald head tattoos and gills. Yeah. 

The mean kid, whose name escapes me, was an okay character for the plot, and I gave him a little sympathy in the end.

Oh, Sam. My absolute favourite character.
Sam Goode
The underdog, bullied kid, and sidekick. He was very sweet, determined, and caring. And hilarious.

Actual cinnamon roll right there.

The plot was pretty good, I enjoyed it overall.
The ending was a little disappointed, it felt really leading like it was building up to a sequel, but there hasn't been a sequel, sadly. It has potential, especially with later books in the series.
A good movie, I'd gladly watch it again.

Overall rating:

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Green Gables Fables // Snippet Review

So this isn't going to be such a snippet review, more like an epic or something, but hey, there's a lot to say.

SNIPPET REVIEWS: Brief, rambling, concise, or incomprehiensive, fangirling or bashing.

So if you don't already know, Green Gables Fables is a Literary Inspired Webseries based on the Anne of Green Gables books. (I think officially the first season is based on Anne of Green Gables, the interlude in transmedia on Anne of Avonlea, and season two on Anne of the Island)

Hmm, where to start. 

First impression/watching.

Season 1, Episode 1

I can't remember exactly how I stumbled across it, but one day I found it and as the first season had all already aired. I could marathon watch - yay! 

The first few episodes could be a little boring with just Anne talking and talking, but was good to really set up her character before anyone else was introduced. Then the action gets going and it was just so enjoyable, I loved it. The adaptation was good for a modern version and the characters were explored a little more, which I loved.

Anyway, brief overview. I know. Go watch it.
But first, I want to talk about the characters.

Anne, played by Mandy Harmon

I wasn't sure at first, but Mandy played an excellent Anne, I just loved it. She portrayed the romantic, fantasizing teenager well, and she had some great humorous lines in there.

The only time she ever annoyed me was as the character, Anne can get so stubborn sometimes, I always get annoyed with her when Gil is so apologetic.

Gilbert, played by Tanner Gillman

Ok, Gilbert. I just love Tanner so much as Gilbert. I would even go as far as to say I liked him better than Jonathan Crombie's version. Shh.

To be honest, I think his Gilbert was what really made this adaptation for me. He added so much to the character of Gilbert, mostly his humor. Also he just looks like Gilbert.

Transmedia was such a huge part of the webseries, particularly in the second season, it really developed the characters and sometimes introduced key plot points.

Prime example (season one):

It was really great because it showed realtionships between different chracters, but the characters also interacted with the fans, which is really neat.

Some parts are storyline, while others are just unrelated pure gold:
And with Season two it just gets better:

Season two was just a bundle of feels and joy.

Just watch it, okay?

Image result for green gables fables season 2

Well, there you go. rambling snippet review. 

*insert title that informs any readers that I am indeed alive*

Hello friends! (However many are reading, that is)

I have been off this blog for an age, and I finally to decided to try to get back into it (emphasis on the word try hehe). So new template design, new posts...yay!

Anyway, to start off, I thought I'd do a few snippet reviews of movies or books and whatnot and see how I go. Please do let me know if you have any ideas/suggestions.

So if you are reading this, thank you, I'll try to keep up with it a bit more.

Well tally-ho then, hopefully I'll be around.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Psst, do you like Jane Austen?

Well, Naomi is hosting Jane Austen Week over at her blog soon, so...

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Scarlet Pimpernel Blog Party Tag!!

Yay! A tag!

Here are the questions, and my answers:

1. The obvious'd you get introduced to The Scarlet Pimpernel?
Blogs! Mostly Amy's. We got the book on Kindle and I devoured it :).

2. If you could meet any of the characters in real life, who would it be and why? (You can use the obvious choice of Sir Percy, but this is your chance to get creative ;))
Yeah, obviously Sir Percy, but otherwise maybe Suzanne, cos I think she's really nice, or one of the League guys, cos they're cool :).

3. What are your top three favourite quotes from the books/movies (yes, just three)?
"Sink me!"; (Haha, original, right?) [Sir Percy singing "God save the King" in revolutionary France;
and, oh...I can't think of another one...I need to read it again :)

4. Who is your favourite supporting character in the books? (Percy and Marguerite are ineligible)
Um, that's a hard one, seeing as I have only read the first book. I do quite like Suzanne.

5. Which film versions have you seen, and which do you like best?
I haven't seen any. But I really want to. The Anthony Andrews and Jane Seymour one, of course :)

6. What's your top-absolute-favourite scene in the first book? 
Um...I really like the scene in the inn in France when Percy outwits Chauvelin with the pepper-snuff. :)

7. If you could dream cast a new adaptation of the book (a period piece, that is), who would you choose to play the roles of Sir Percy, Marguerite and Chauvelin?
That's hard.
I would cast Aaron Tveit as Sir Percy; I'm not entirely sure why...But, Enjolras and Sir Percy do have some similarities, right?
Marguerite? No idea.
Chauvelin? I think maybe Geoffrey Rush. He could do a French villain. He played Javert in an inferior version of Les Mis.

8. Do you think the Scarlet Pimpernel does his work purely for "the love of sport," as the narrative would tell us (and as he would often claim), or does he have more noble motives that he won't admit? Explain your answer. Show your work.
I think he does have more noble motives, but he just won't admit it. He really wants to save people. I don't think he would endanger himself and others solely for sport, though it's probably a small part of it :)

9. Second to Chauvelin, who is the worst villain in the book series and why?
Having only read the first book, I cannot say.

10. What's the favourite novel in the series...?
See previous answer.

11. If you could change one thing about your favourite version of the movie, what would it be?
I haven't seen any. :(

12. Lastly, how would you convince a skeptical friend to read/watch TSP? What is it that you love about it?
It's really exciting and it has suspense and mystery, and it's not hard to read. Now read it. What do I love about it?? Two words. Sir Percy!! He's so funny, and clever, and brave, and all that.

Thanks for the tag, Amy!

If you want to see the tag, or any of the blog party excitement, just go here, and other recent posts on her blog.

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Sunday, 30 August 2015

to pin or not to pin....

That was the most inventive post title I could think of.

So, I have been a little absent on this blog of late, and the biggest reason is:

Yup. Pinterest. 

I thought today I'd share some of my favourite Pinterest finds.


Love the vintage/antique look!
Gorgeous vintage room :)

Mint Dress
Mint dress

Beautiful cloak :)

Heart cardigan and polka dot collar


vintage sweatshirt LES MISERABLES super soft heather grey oversized boyfriend fit

Aaron Tveit and Eddie Redmayne rehearse One Day More for the 2013 Oscars
Aaron Tveit & Eddie Redmayne rehearse for the Oscars

It wasn't photoshop! This pic is apparently actually from a Vogue spread.  HOW HAVE I NOT SEEN IT BEFORE.\
Apparently a Vogue promo pic

“Ya know, I don’t really think you understand how this works" -In which Gavroche and Enjolras play chess and Gavroche always wins because Enjolras keeps sacrificing his king <= pinning because of comment
With the comment: “Ya know, I don’t really think you understand how this works" -In which Gavroche and Enjolras play chess and Gavroche always wins because Enjolras keeps sacrificing his king 


Argh, yes!


The Book Thief

The book thief quote.

How? ^

Shakespeare's Star Wars. :) <3

(And that's just a few.....)

Anyway, that's that for now...