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I am Number Four // Snippet Review

     SNIPPET REVIEWS: Brief, rambling, concise, or incomprehiensive,                           fangirling or bashing.

I am Number Four

So, I when I went to watch the movie, I hadn't read the book and I didn't really know much about the plot or anything. Despite the fact that I felt it was potentially just another one of those new movies, they all bring something different, and this had been recommended by several friends, so I went into with pretty good expectations.

If I were to give my opinion in conversation in one sentence, it would be: Yeah, that's a good movie, I liked it. But since this is a post, I'll be a little more specific.

Number Four
I liked the character of Number Four, or John Smith. He was a pretty believable sort of hero, typical teenage sort of character. (Seemed a little old for a highschool student, but that's typical movie style.)

Sarah and John

Then of course there's The Girl. 

Sarah was okay. She was sweet, and their relationship was cute, I just felt like she was a little shallow as a character. She seemed to just smile and blink a lot. I do like the fact that he ended up with a normal girl, and not Number Six, the other alien.

I liked Henri. As a guardian, he sometimes seemed the over-protective father, but for good reason. He was kind, and a great character.

Number Six
Six was pretty cool, she had a lot of action and not so much deep character develop in her short amount of screen time, but she got the job done. It was also neat to see an Australian actor (I'm a Kiwi but it's still cool).

Ugh, the Mogodorians. They were a little gross, but just picture 10 ft human-like aliens with bald head tattoos and gills. Yeah. 

The mean kid, whose name escapes me, was an okay character for the plot, and I gave him a little sympathy in the end.

Oh, Sam. My absolute favourite character.
Sam Goode
The underdog, bullied kid, and sidekick. He was very sweet, determined, and caring. And hilarious.

Actual cinnamon roll right there.

The plot was pretty good, I enjoyed it overall.
The ending was a little disappointed, it felt really leading like it was building up to a sequel, but there hasn't been a sequel, sadly. It has potential, especially with later books in the series.
A good movie, I'd gladly watch it again.

Overall rating:

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