Friday, 5 June 2015

Happy Barricade Day!

It's Barricade Day! (I named it that - more or less)

Today is the 6th of June. (The date of this post will say the 5th, but where I live it is actually the 6th).
The anniversary of the June Rebellion
in France, told of in Les Miserables. (If you like history, or just this topic in general, check out the wikipedia page on it here. There are links in that article to Victor Hugo, General Lamarque....(on an extra side note, they also have articles on the ABC and Enjolras, Gavroche, Jean Valjean.... - I was inpressed!))

Anyway, 183 years ago today, the June Rebellion took place in Paris, France.

If you go by the Les Miserables calendar, yesterday was Lamarque Day (also my own naming), 
the day of Lamarque's funeral and the beginning of the rebellion (Do You Hear the People Sing and Night of Anguish)

Today is Barricade Day (Dawn of Anguish, The Final Battle, etc.)

(Have you SEEN this gif?!^ *chills*)

Anyway, I am resolved not to post any more depressing pictures, but instead, I've decided to give you some links you might find interesting, of some great Les Mis articles and posts you might like to read, if you're in that sort of mood, like I am.

I will now add in random Mis-related pictures as I go.


People Articles:
for any others, follow respective links in the Les Miserables article

Blog Posts:
In fact, pretty much any of Amy's Les Mis posts
Symptoms of Mizziness, one of my personal favourites, especially if you go for the humorous sort of thing


Polish Flashmob - yes, it's in Polish, but it's still great!
and any number of movie trailers, best scenes, musical performances......

Anyway, I'm off - happy Barricade Day!

Yes, I just felt like adding this one again.

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