Tuesday, 3 March 2015

In which I do a snippet review of a fraction of a movie that I didn't like much.

Left to right: Javert, Eponine and Jean Valjean

I am speaking of Les Miserables (2000). A bit newer than I thought it was, it looked soooo old.
To be perfectly honest, I would almost rather have not watched it.

It's in two parts and is 172 minutes long, so we didn't watch all of it, but I'd seen enough. Really.
Clockwise from top left: Eponine, Marius and Cosette, Javert, Valjean

I'll go through the characters and what I thought of them.
Jean Valjean as we first see him.

He was portrayed very well, from what I saw. Oh, one note - they did the French accents. Which took a while to get used to after the British (which I actually prefer).

I don't really have much else to say about him, except it appears he clearly wasn't underfed in prison.

Also, the soldiers uniforms are the same as in the 2012 version - must be authentic.
And yes, I will use every opportunity to sneak a 2012 picture in here.

Javert. Ugh. He looks like someone of Harry Potter. And whenever he talks, he makes me think of someone out of Kid Snippets. He also looks like one of them. His voice is kind of weird.

Apart from that, he was an okay Javert from what I could see. Keeping in my that I didn't see all of it.
Marius. *deep-breath* My fave character in the whole movie! (please note sarcasm)
His entrance in the movie......I thought "No, that's not Marius!!!!!.....Oh great, it is."
I basically hyperventilated did not like it. :) *sweet smile*
There is an extreme of photos for this version.

He basically waltzed up and said "Excuse me - I come here every day, and I have never seen you before." Not.Marius.

Plus, he's creepy. Especially when he suggests climbing over the gate so he can get into the garden.
Ugh, still no good pictures.
Cosette, briefly, was pretty good. I liked her. We didn't catch Fantine or little Cosette, but we saw the Thenardiers. So-so.
What I liked was that they included the scene in the garret with Valjean and the Patron Minette, which we saw some of.
Eponine. She was a little frightening. More book-accurate, perhaps, but she had some evil looks. I didn't really like her. 
Ah, now Les Amis de la'Abc!!
They had an Enjolras!!! By name AND by role!
(That's him with the lighter hair)

He was very good! He was sort of replacing Courf as well, in that he spoke to Marius about Cosette, etc., so that wasn't so accurate, but he was okay otherwise.

Oh look, there's a cow! I said every opportunity, guys - it's Enjolras!

Ahem, anyway...
Gavroche - yay!
I'm pretty sure this is him - it is the only picture I could find!
He was good - a better age, maybe - and had several book lines which I loved:
-"Gavroche, come back!"
-"I am doing my shopping!"
He identified Javert. he asked for a big gun.
"Now my dead men are getting shot!"
AND, he even sang the Voltaire and Rousseau song in French!
......but, Dan's Gav was cuter :)
We didn't get to see the end, and I'd still like to finish it sometime, so I might update if I watch the rest. :)
Sorry about the random-ness of this post - it really was a snippet review, but oh well.

"Marius, Combeferre just sent me a text, he wants to meet at the cafe after."
That's what it looks like, anyway. :)

I will leave you with a few pictures of the way-better-version. :)

Grantaire with a cup in his hand!!!! So does Enjo, but whatever.

Au revoir, and have a lovely day!

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