Monday, 9 February 2015

A quick announcement

Actually, a series of quick announcements.

1. I am NOT attending public high-school. Cambridge and homeschooling will continue. :) Am I glad? Yes.

2. I am now 15. Which seems a lot younger than I used to think it was. Funny, that....

3. Can I ask my lovely readers a question? I just want to know roughly how many people read my blog ('cos if you're like me you might read regularly without following officially), and what should I post about? Do you like my posts? Any suggestions? Please let me know!

4. I have to go, but hope to be back soon :)

(And thank you for bearing with my terrible random-ness) :)


  1. Hey Emily!
    Happy Birthday! How cool you are still homeschooled! :D
    So, Yes I do read adn follow your blog
    hmm I dont know.. I suppose you could do a post on how cool new zealend is, things that are unique to it. I'm thinking on doing one on Australia.. we could make it a joint post.. hmm
    I'll let you know if any new ideas come :)

    1. Thanks, Evie! That's good idea, I'll try to work on it!