Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Les Mis Tag!!

I've created my own tag!

The Les Miserables Tag!

So, here's how it goes...

~Link back to the person who tagged you
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~Answer the questions
~Tag as many or as few people as you like, and notify them that they've been tagged
~Have fun doing it!

1. How did you discover Les Miserables? 
2. How many versions have you seen? (ie: live, movie, and which)
3. Who is your favourite character? (If you're like me you can't decide - maximum of 3 people :))
4. Have you read the book? Which translation? Have you read different translations?
5. How many Jean Valjeans have you seen, and if you've seen more than one, which was better? (ie: I have seen Liam Neeson and Hugh Jackman)

Which song makes you
6. cry the most?
7. most happy?
8. most excited?
9. most nail-bitingly tense?

10. What do you think is the best thing about the fandom?

1. I first heard of it when I was much younger and said it "Lez mizribills", when I saw ads on tv or whatever. I discovered it through Amy's blog, and when we saw the DVD (2012) for sale, Mum bought it, and I started reading blog posts, looking at pictures, gaining in anticipation :). I watched the 2012 movie early 2014 (March, I think), and loved it. It escalated from there :).

2. I have seen the 2012 movie, then later last year I saw the 1998 film with Liam Neeson and Claire Danes. (Read my review of it here) I have also seen snippets of various stage versions (a couple of ECAETs, as I say in this post).

3. My favourite characters are probably Marius, Enjolras and Eponine (closely followed by Gavroche, Jehan and Jean Valjean, more or less). :)

4. I have read some of the Isabel F. Hapgood translation and am currently working my way (slowly) through the Norman Denny translation.

5. I have seen Liam Neeson in the 1998 movie and Hugh Jackman in the 2012 movie. I think they were both pretty accurate. But I like Hugh Jackman better, 'cos the 2012 one is waaaaaaaay better, and not just 'cos it's a musical :)

6. I cry the most at Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, because Eddie's version is soooo good (and way better than Nick Jonas's). He shows the emotion so well - it's just so sad.......
The other one would be the Epilogue, because  by that time I can't stand much more emotional trauma (especially when you watch it with your sis and BFF). :)

7. The Finale makes me happy in a smiling-through-the-tears-it's-okay-it's-over kind of way :). Also, it's nice to see everyone again :)

Also Red and Black. 
And this bit:

8. The convicts' Look Down is always exciting, but probably because 'cos the movie's beginning and also 'cos it's epic.

The scene that makes me most excited would probably be Paris Look Down, though - like squeally jump-up-and-down fan-girl excited.

9. Do You Hear the People Sing is always tense, and the barricade scenes, especially Night of Anguish/Dawn of Anguish give me chills. *shiver*

10. My favourite thing about the fandom, aside from the random bursting-into-song, pictures, blog posts, etc., would probably be the fan fiction :)

And then, of course, there's the what-if-they-all-lived-and-won-the-revolution fan-fic. :)

I am tagging:

So, there you have it! 


  1. Hi!

    Would it be all right if I "stole" this tag? I do so love a good tag:D

    That gif you used with Eponine and Enjolras and the hands and oh! Even though Les Mis isn't my favorite musical, THAT GIF. Oh my word. Yes. It makes me want to laugh with joy and cry at the same time;)