Wednesday, 2 July 2014

I Think This Is the Oldest Movie I Have Ever Watched...

.....namely, Batman & Robin (1949). 

I personally like Robin better than Batman. I really like the way he says "broadcast" - "Barry Brown's Broadcast".

The expression on the face of the other guy is so funny!

Yes, the movie is (very) old, but so funny! You can still enjoy the plot, etc., but it really is funny sometimes.
Batman has no powers whatsoever, no Batmobile, no flying....he's just an ordinary man, Bruce Wayne, who likes to dress up to find crime incognito.

It is full of action, and each of the 15 episodes ends with a cliff-hanger. (Like one ends where Batman is in the water and then the bad guys throw oil in and light a fire and walk off. At the beginning of the next episode it shows that bit again, showing how they got out of the water unharmed.)

I'm not going to draw this review out, but that it's long (episode lengths varying from 15-ish to about 30 minutes), funny, still a great mystery, and worth watching if you have the time (we didn't watch it all in one sitting, naturally). (You can find it on YouTube)

Yup, Robin and Batman: Dick and Bruce Wayne.


  1. Very Batman like background I have ;)

  2. Looking over at this post it's a bit rambling - hope you understand it!