Monday, 9 June 2014

Sunflower Award

I have been awarded the Sunflower Blogger Award by my sister, Eponine. She's recently started blogging. You can read her blog here: My Castle On a Cloud.

1.What is your favorite color?
Blue or green.2.P&P 1995 or S&S 1995?
Aaahhh!?  Umm, P&P 1995, just!

3.What is your favorite book?
Whoa, that's hard. Um, at the moment I am really enjoying "Just Jane", about Jane Austen, by Nancy Moser, but I haven't finished it - not sure if it's my favourite book, though.

4.Cosette or Eponine?
In the book, probably Cosette, tied in the movie (2012).

5.Enjolras or Marius?
Argh! How does one choose? Um, maybe Marius....just :).
                                                                              I like both of their hair in that picture.

6.What is your favorite fruit?
Watermelon, mandarin, apple...pretty much any fruit, really.

7.Winter, Summer, Autumn/Fall or Spring?
Summer or Spring! (Course, it is winter for us now, but I do really prefer warmer weather, and going swimming and bbq's and summer-y stuff!)8.Pizza or Sausages?
Pizza. With lots of cheese. 

I am tagging:
Miss Jane Bennet

I have just 5 questions for them:

1. Les Miserables or Pride & Prejudice? (P.S. If I got this question, I would be torn to pieces  not answer. Or tie)
2. Who is your favourite period drama gentleman? (P.S. Yes, Enjo is a gentleman in this case.)
3. Who is your favourite period drama woman/girl? (P.S. Not just 'heriones'.)
4. What period drama character would you like to meet in person, and why, and what would you say to them?
5. What period drama actor/actress would you like to meet in person, and why, and what would you say to them?

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