Monday, 26 May 2014

Favourite Books

Okay, so now, I present: Top 3 Favourite Books (In no particular order) This was going to be a top ten post, but I'll just do three.

Willard Price books
For about 7/8+ years; I am 14 and enjoy them =)
This is a series of 14 books, the full title of which is
"Adventure Stories for Boys". Yeah, I'm not a boy, 
but you don't have to be to read them. 
I currently own three (Tiger, Volcano & Arctic) and have
read all but 1. [Edit: reading Underwater Adventure at the moment, then 1 to go!]

These books are more for boys or tomboys, or animal/nature enthusiasts. They are full
of action, danger, and a little comedy. 

Hal (19-20 yrs throughout the series, as far as I have read) and Roger (13-15yrs) Hunt collect
wild animals for their father to sell to zoos and wildlife parks, etc. They are "take 'em alive men", and
their goal, obviously, to capture, not to kill.
Apart from a few evolutionary ideas here-and-there, these books are great!
I loved them. When I got my first one, Tiger Adventure, I devoured several in a row. 
I now several other people who read them, and some who have read them all.
(P.S. If you want to read them, the ones by Willard Price are the 'real' ones - there are continuation ones 
by Anthony McGowan, but I haven't read them)

The Barn Chronicles by Rosie Boom. 
(1-Where Lions Roar at Night, 2-Where Arrows Fly, 
3-Where the Crickets Sing, 4-Where the River Rises)
I have not read Where the River Rises yet.

These true-story books are written by a New Zealand author about her homeschooling family.
Based on daughter Milly, 10 years old at the beginning of the series, each book covers roughly a year of life in the Boom household. 
The Booms were living temporarily in an old barn while they were building their new house.
Lots of adventures, accidents, fun and animals - these are cool Kiwi books.
These are funny, exciting, nice Christian books, the kind that when being read, kids always ask for another

Yup, it had to pop in somewhere:

Yes, Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo.
What better cover picture than from the 2012 "Major Motion Picture"?
Now, first off, I have to admit that I have not read this word-for-word. I have read some. 
But, boy, is it hard work. Some of it's easy reading, but sometimes it really digresses.
In the middle of the barricade, Hugo stops for a chapter or so to talk philosophically. You really have to have your brain switched on to understand.
But it's a good book, what I've read of it. Very descriptive.
There are two things I love about it:
1) You can turn to it almost anywhere and get a story. You can read about the barricades,
you can read about Marius & Cosette's first can read about the affair of the Jondrette attic. You can pick it up and read a smaller, "inner" story in it, without having to necessarily read the whole thing.
2) It's so quote-able! My favourite quote of Courfeyrac's is:
"My lord Eight-Pounder!" when 'introducing' the cannon!
Enjolras - "On your knees."
Combeferre - "To be free." and "We will share thy fate."

Um, and yes, this could turn into a huge long Les Mis post, so I'll leave it there.


"The Scarlet Pimpernel" by Baroness Orczy.
I have only read the first book, "The Scarlet Pimpernel", and I loved it!
It is very hard in contention for my favourite book.
It is so funny and The Scarlet Pimpernel himself is so clever....(only
thing is, I knew from bloggers, etc. who the Scarlet Pimpernel was, so it kind of
ruined the mystery a bit. But it was still great!)
I love the scene where TSP gets away from Chauvelin by sneaking pepper into the snuff-box!!
I was sitting there reading, thinking: "How on earth is he gonna get out of this - there is no way he can escape- oh wait!"

"The Book Theif" by Markus Zusak

That is the same as the cover of the copy I read.

I love this book! It is so well written, and to use the words of a person who gave a 'recommendation' on the back cover, a real "page-turner".
It is sad, and not overall a very happy story, but told in a really enjoyable and well-written way.
I cried. At the end....I don't want to give anything away but it was sooooo sad! =(
But a great book.
On my list of movies to watch when I'm older =)

They're all good books. 

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  1. By the way, Hunt is the brothers' last name - Hal and Roger Hunt.