Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Movie Review - Cranford Episode 1

Yes, you may have noticed a slight change in this blog. Mainly, the change in the name. This post is one of the things that led me to do that. I don't like just Jane Austen anymore ;)

So, I am writing a review on the movie, Cranford (2007).


Firstly, Cranford is just my most favourite ever setting of a ever-so-slightly-behind little town that is set in its ways, and is FULL of gossipy ladies. Yes, whilst gossip is not a worthwhile occupation (Miss Deborah...), it is so funny!

Episode 1
I am going to do an overview of the characters you meet in Episode one;

Firstly, Miss Deborah Jenkyns:

Miss Deborah Jenkyns, played by Aileen  Atkin


Deborah is the elder of the Jenkyns sisters, and quite worthy of bearing the name of a rector's daughter.
She is the "leading citizen" in Cranford. She is very firm in her opinions, and rules her house strictly.

"It must be right if Miss Deborah concedes to it." - Mrs Forrester

Miss Matilda (Matty)

Miss Matty, played by Dame Judi Dench

Miss Matty is very sweet and more of a follower than a leader. She is afraid of doing anything that Miss Deborah does not approve of, and is particularly fond of children and young people.

Next, obviously, are the rest of the town's residents:

Miss Pole

Miss Pole, played by Imelda Staunton

Miss Pole is a very humorous and gossipy person, and probably the most funny and my absolute favourite character.

"You will rend every garment you posses when I tell you this bit of news." - Miss Pole

Mrs. Forrester
Mrs. Forrester, played by Julia MacKenzie

Mrs. Jamieson

Mrs. Jamieson, played by Barbara  Flynn
(and her lap-dog, Carlos)

Miss Mary Smith (Mary)

Mary Smith, played by Lisa Dillon

Sophy Hutton
Sophy Hutton, played by Kimberley Nixon

Dr. Frank Harrison
Dr. Harrison, played by Simon Woods


Martha, the maid, played by Claudie Blakley

Jem Hearn, played by Andrew Buchan

Jem Hearn and Dr. Harrison had an accidental  acquaintance formation.
Involving a tree...

..."a bone protruding"...


and a gross medical procedure, and a new doctor's reputation....

And here's a trailer of Cranford for your entertainment :)



  1. I will give a full overview of the movie once I have done all the episodes.

  2. Hi Emily,
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