Friday, 19 December 2014

Catching Fire & Mockingjay 1: Snippet Movie Review


So I have watched Catching Fire AND Mockingjay Part 1.
Okay, I'll organize myself. Catching Fire first, and then I can do Mockingjay.

So, Catching Fire was great and pretty movie accurate.

Since the first games, she's different, and her interaction with Gale will never be the same again.
"I did what I had to do to survive!"
The scenes on the train with her and Peeta were very sweet.

Haymitch and Effie.
(I ship them Otherwise, Haymitch and Maysilee Donner.)
Both Haymitch and Effie were much more likable.

"See you at midnight." GAH. Sorry. Mockingjay hangover.
Peeta was so sweet in this one. Even better than the first movie.

YAY! He comes up and you think "I don't like that guy", but that's how he's supposed to come across.

Tell me, is is American to pronounce this "Jo-anna"? Because we would pronounce that name "Yo-hanna". Just sayin'.
I have one word to describe her: intense. But she was pretty book-accurate.

Enobaria: "She's commited, I'll give her that."

Wow. Watching this just gave me a huge appreciation of his job. He had so much responsibility on his shoulders. He had to not only produce a Games that Snow and the Capitol were happy with, but also get the Tributes out alive and escape Snow's suspicion.

Ugh. Getting more so.

Katniss's reaping outfit reminds me of the District 13 suits. Kind of. -

MOCKINGJAY Part 1!!! Yay!

I went to see it at the movies. Whoa. So intense. Huge. Ouch.

It was enormous and sad and epic.

It was not happy. Nooooo.

Um, where shall I start?

District 13.
" alive and well and so am I."
(Sorry. I'm terrible with quoting. Ask my sisters.)

District 13 had a very industrial, uncomfortable, claustrophobic feel. Ugh.

I was glad to see more of Gale. You got to see much more of his character. I liked that. Yup, it was Liam's movie more that Josh's.

Katniss - aaaah! Poor girl.

I like how Cressida, Messalla me, Castor and Pollux were all included.

I quite liked Pollux in the book, and it was the same in the movie. (First mention of an Avox in all the movies.)

"The Hanging Tree" song was melancholy-ly awe-full.
I liked how it was put to the propo. I also liked how the group of rebels from District 3 (I think it was three, because the power was there, and the boy from 3 in the first book was electrically-minded) sang it on their way to give the Capitol a power cut. :)

Finnick. His and Snow's secrets revealed. Pity, the impact was kind of lessened 'cos the rescue mission was a bit of a distraction.
Ouch. Poor Finnick.

Finnick teaching Katniss to tie knots. :) (Well, actually, I made that up - I think it's a behind-the-scenes pic)

Finnick and Annie's reunion was so sweet!

The board Haymitch wrote was so cool! It's like a screen; he scrawls on it with a pen/stylus thing, and the screen turns his scrawling to typed block letters!

Swipes several drawings and paragraphs of writing off the board.
"I hope that wasn't important."

The fighting, the noise - the horrible evacuation alarm! The bunker scenes were horrible. I'm claustrophobic. Ugh.

And then......then.....
Okay, it was coming. The worst part of the movie. Which shouldn't be the worst part of the movie. Which was so much worse than reading about it because you could see it.....
Peeta's return.

This is the part where I was screaming and tearing my hair out and sobbing. Internally. Cause we were in the movies. (Well, actually, besides me, my sister and Mum, there were only two other teenage girls, but whatever.)
But seriously. I understand why Finnick thought it would be better for Annie to be dead than in the Capitol. Because it's one thing for Peeta to die; it's another ten times worse thing for him to be hijacked. It was ghastly.
 Ah, yes, I just found the perfect word to describe it - spontaneously, too! Ahem. I'm trying to distract myself from horrid thoughts. Ugh.
At the very end, when she goes to see him through the window, I couldn't look. It.was.awful.

And then...TADA! The end!

WHAAAAT?! Worst movie ending in history. Ever. It was.....yeah, okay, I'll stop now.

Just give me part twooooooooooooo!

Um, anyway, that was a very jumbled review basically consisting of my ramblings...
Pardon the randomness of this post :).

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