Thursday, 14 June 2012

Movies ~ Sense & Sensibility

The first version I watched was the Columbia version:

This is probably my favourite.

Although it is not very accurate, the costumes and acting is pretty good.

Another is the 1981 BBC version:

This version is more accurate, for example it includes Mr. Willoughby's visit at Cleveland;
but there are a few exaggerations...

...and the sound and acting is not the best, but it is very old.

I am still debating which Edward Ferrars or Lucy Steele is best.

Probably the Columbia version!

Then there's the newer BBC version (which I have not watched)

But I just don't like the look of it...



  1. I hope to include a full book/movie review when I have the time.

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  2. I have all three of the movie adaptations. I like them all in different ways. The new BBC version is quite good (though I think my favourite is still the Columbia version).

    The new BBC version had some great photography, I thought! And it is not as "brief" as the Columbia one, as it was designed as a mini-series. Worth watching!

  3. The 1981 BBC one one of the lady's looks stupid